Brick or Not (By Guest Blogger Austin Perez)

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Hi all!  As a collector and an individual who frequently sells extra decks, it can be a real gamble guessing what decks could potentially be the next Fonatine's.  

I'm happy to present Austin Perez as the next guest blogger on!  A take on my "brickworthy" posts, Austin speculates on desirable decks possibly coming out in the very near future.  Austin can be found on Instagram as austin100s. (  Thank you Austin for providing this article!

Brick or Not : A guessing game of which cards will sell!

Today we are looking at five decks coming out in the near future that will be creating buzz in the playing card world! These decks are usually highly anticipated and usually have a decent fan base behind them that will support the creators of said decks! Let’s make some speculation on whether they will be hard to come by after launch or be available for a couple weeks, even months, after so you can wait to get them! 

  1. Orbit V7 – Now the Orbit crew are definitely some of the most creative groups out there in terms of cardistry and design choice! The easily recognizable decks have been a staple in the playing card community and have a great story behind each one! Whether it be the retro NASA themed V5’s to the alien abduction campiness of the V6’s these decks have been great! With the V7 having been teased to have a Back to the Future 80’s theme these have created some buzz! Orbit will release these in the summer and the decks will definitely be USPCC, crushed stock, and traditionally cut which is always a welcome for any card aficionado. Since the last two releases have had a run of 23,000 it comes as no surprise that this run is too. That said they will probably not sell out for a while so if you want to pick some up then do so on your own time. 
  1. Superfly Royale Green – Earlier this year Gemini Playing Card Co. Teased the next Superfly deck, the Superfly Royale Green. Gemini’s decks have been popular among budding cardists for their ability to produce some great streetwear inspired decks such as the Superfly series. The company has been releasing new decks at a steady rate and doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon with the Instagram page posting new deck designs every so often! The Superfly Royale Green has been one of the most anticipated from the company’s fan as it very much a return to form of the aesthetic of previous Superfly decks after the release of the Superfly Butterfingers. This will be the sixth deck in the Superfly line and from previous runs the decks seem to sell out within the week on the companies website. That being said, Art of Play has usually managed to pick up a good chunk of them to sell on their website so you could probably pick them up after launch! That said, the deck seems to have much more hype than usual so it could even sell out when it hits other websites. No news on when it will release or how many so keep your eyes on this one. 
  1. Jerry’s Nugget Reprint – So if you haven’t heard of Jerry’s Nugget Casino Playing cards and are reading this article then just do a quick search on YouTube to see channels raving about these holy grail cards. Made in the 1970s on a stock and finish that cannot be copied due to it being banned, these cards are what inspired countless others. Recently, the amazing Bill Kalush and the people over at Expert Playing Card Company have been working together to make a beautiful reprint of these cards for today’s cardists and magicians. With them being traditionally cut and having a premium crushed stock that apparently is a first, this deck is a must brick if you want a piece of history. Also, if you want even more history go for the Joe Porper clip add-on for a little higher resale value or if you love card clips! 
  1. Fontaine’s Next Deck – So recently on Instagram, Fontaine Cards have hinted at a new deck coming out soon! Now, the design, idea, and basically everything has been kept under wraps. What it is I do not know but it looks to be big and hopefully in a decent run like 10k. If that’s the case, then cop them still if you want a nice cardistry deck that has resale value and style. Some may say the back design isn’t new but like the saying goes “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Same goes for Fontaine’s. If Fontaine cards made any change to the back two F logo I would say it won’t be as brickworthy. 
  1. MyTurn4Real’s New Deck – It has been announced that acclaimed designer Michael Stern’s new deck will not continue the Hype VOL series. Too many this was a bummer but with the death of Hype came the birth of a new deck most likely being MyTurn. If he lands the back design and people love it, it will sell out quick. If it doesn’t really bring anything new to the mix it might not sell out as fast. That said as someone who hase been supportive of the cardistry community and makes it a more lighthearted place, it’s a safe bet to brick these and support a good company and guy. 

That concludes the list of decks I think people will be looking forward to buying this year! If you have any decks that you think should be on this list leave a comment below and maybe you’ll see it on the next edition of Brick or Not! 

-Austin Perez

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