Epiphyllum Playing Cards
Epiphyllum Playing Cards
Epiphyllum Playing Cards
Epiphyllum Playing Cards
Epiphyllum Playing Cards
Epiphyllum Playing Cards

Epiphyllum Playing Cards

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Epiphyllum blooms are rare and only bloom at night, symbolizing beautiful ladies and dreamers. Flowering period is only a short ten minutes, but it is very beautiful when it opens. We want to freeze the moment when Epiphyllum blooms. We want to document this beauty and bring it to you.

In addition, it also symbolizes beautiful ladies and people with dreams, and people often give it to people they like and respect.

Epiphyllum always blooms at night, so our card design uses more black elements.

Epiphyllum Playing Cards use more diverse colors and richer details. Each face is more expressive and alive than on a traditional court card! For the suits on the front of the cards, we used four different colors from the usual ones. Each character card (JKQ) has added the element of epiphyllum, elegant, clean and beautiful.

ACE: All Aces are redesigned and decorated with epiphyllum elements. The Ace of Spades is unique in that it is the most decorated ace in the deck.

JQK: We added more details, more elegant and beautiful. Knights and princesses also have crowns with epiphyllum.

JOKER: We re-painted JOKE, more exquisite. The sun and the moon echo with each other.

OTHER: Our figures have rescaled the font and added a lot of detail.

Some great features of this deck include:
  • Limited to 2000 decks
  • 100% custom, hand drawn design of cards, pips and tuck
  • Silver metallic ink is used on both the box and the cards
  • Printed in Taiwan, using German paper and the latest "thin crushed" process, thinner and more durable.
If you love Epiphyllum Playing Cards, this is your chance now!

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