2020 KWP Shorts 13-Deck Bundle [AUCTION]
2020 KWP Shorts 13-Deck Bundle [AUCTION]
Kings Wild Project

2020 KWP Shorts 13-Deck Bundle [AUCTION]

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This bundle of KWP Shorts decks contains the following:

  • 20/20 Limited Edition #365/500
  • VHS 1982 Limited Edition #365/500
  • VHS 1982 Gilded Edition #161/300
  • Postage Paid Limited Edition #365/500
  • Postage Paid Gilded Edition #161/300
  • El Toro Limited Edition #365/500
  • Solstice Limited Edition #365/500
  • General Admission Limited Edition #365/500
  • Peter Dash Flash Limited Edition #020/500
  • Robin Hood Limited Edition #020/500
  • Haunted 8 Limited Edition #020/500
  • Solstice Limited Edition #020/500
  • Beowulf Limited Edition #020/500

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