Vivid Kingdoms [AUCTION]
Vivid Kingdoms [AUCTION]
Vivid Kingdoms [AUCTION]
Vivid Kingdoms [AUCTION]
Vivid Kingdoms [AUCTION]
Vivid Kingdoms [AUCTION]
Ten Hundred

Vivid Kingdoms [AUCTION]

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From Portfolio52:


VIVID KINGDOMS, printed by United States Playing Card Company

Created by Ten Hundred and documented on his YouTube Channel

Kickstarter Campaign Page

  • 52 Illustrated Cards
  • 10 of Spades reveal on the Jack of Spades Card for magic
  • Number Cards can be arranged in a grid to reveal a connected image
  • Special 10 Cards... because... I'm Ten Hundred
  • 2 Illustrated Ad Cards: Double Backer Card & Duplicate Jack of Spades showing card back instead of 10 Card reveal
  • 2 Custom Jokers
  • Thin Crushed Stock
  • Unique Card order to reveal connected Number Cards on Uncut Sheets


  • Premium Matte Stock on Tuck Case
  • Embossed Tuck Case
  • Additional Custom Die Cut Sleeve that slides over the Tuck Case
  • Custom Foil Seal


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