Meadowlark V1 Set w/Case [AUCTION]
Meadowlark V1 Set w/Case [AUCTION]
Meadowlark V1 Set w/Case [AUCTION]
Meadowlark V1 Set w/Case [AUCTION]
Meadowlark V1 Set w/Case [AUCTION]
Meadowlark V1 Set w/Case [AUCTION]
Meadowlark Playing Cards

Meadowlark V1 Set w/Case [AUCTION]

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Set includes:

  • Meadowlark Standard
  • Meadowlark Deluxe
  • Meadowlark Luxury (#183/400)
  • Meadowlark "Luxe"
  • Carat x4 Case

From Portfolio52:


Standard:  In 2018 my friend and I opened our own little independent pharmacy in a small Nebraskan town (Hickman). As a way to bring a smile to the faces of our customers, I learned a few VERY SIMPLE card illusions. During the process I fell in love with playing cards, magic, and cardistry. Short story long, I talked to some WONDERFUL individuals (including Brendan Hong and Gio aka Thirdway) and they inspired me to create a deck for the pharmacy. I reached out to an incredible illustrator, Russell Gray, and after almost a year of brainstorming and countless adjustments, we created the Meadowlark Deck. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do. If you find yourself in Lincoln (Nebraska), I encourage you to take a 10 minute detour south and visit the pharmacy. I would love to see your cardistry moves and card illusions! Deck Features Full Custom Deck (Back, Court, Pips, Aces & Jokers) Embossed Foil Printed Tuck Box by St. Clove Press Metallic Copper Ink Traditionally cut Poker size Designed by: Russell Gray Produced by: Art of Play Printed by: USPCC 52 Cards + 2 Jokers

Deluxe:  2020 DOTY Award Nominee: 'Best Tuck', 'Best Rookie Deck'.  Custom playing cards created for Meadowlark Pharmacy in Lincoln, Nebraska. Featuring original artwork by Russell Gray. Packaged inside a premium foil-printed tuck box.  Sustainably-produced using FSC certified paper and vegetable-based inks on our trademark thin-stock and finish. Printed by the United States Playing Card Co.  QUICK OVERVIEW: Copper foil on a black paper stock with the yellow and white as the accent colors. Inside will be a yellow gilded deck! We are doing our best to match the yellow from the deck with the gilding, so it might be more of a yellow gold to make sure that it is shiny.

Luxury:  This luxury edition of the Meadowlark deck was printed by Cartamundi with cold foiled card backs and a tuck by Lotrek/Oath.

Luxe: The Meadowlark Luxe is a combination of the standard tuck box with the Luxury (cold foil) cards and a Deluxe Edition seal.

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